Digital Transformation

June 22, 2017

Boldly Go: The Confluence of Digital Transformation, Innovation, Custom and Experience

There are just about too many know-how traits to hint these days and it’s solely getting additional refined to keep up up. Eventually, one ought to […]
June 7, 2017

Digital Transformation Wants Change Brokers and Management Not Simply Expertise

During the last yr, I partnered with BMC on a brand new podcast collection known as “Digital Outliers.” We hand-picked 11 unbelievable company working in essential […]
June 5, 2017

Las seis etapas de la transformación digital

el futuro es ahora… La transformación digital es una de las mayores tendencias que impulsan la evolución y modernización de las empresas en todo el mundo. […]
June 1, 2017

From Future Shock to Future Proof: Digital Transformation won’t be a Prescription, It’s a Mission

After I acquired all the way down to evaluation digital transformation a lot of years previously, I did so with the concept there was further to […]